Difference Between Coins, Gift Points and Diamonds on TikTok

Hello everyone today i am going to tell you about the difference between coins, gift points and diamonds on Tiktok.

We get confuse whenever we first se all these three terms at the same time. But now you dont need to stay confused more. Just read below explanation ūüôā.

Difference Between Coins, Gift Points and Diamonds on TikTok

Before explaining difference between all these three elements. In case if you dont know what are TikTok gifts and how much do they worth? Then just visit below articles to find out.

What are gifts on TikTok and how much do they worth?


The virtual money in the TikTok app is called a “coin.” you as use can use coins to buy in-app gifts to send to your favorite content creator.

Gift Points

When a creator gets a Gift from their followers or other users on their platform, first it turns into TikTok Gift points and then added to their balance. 

After getting gitfs in to balance it turns/converted into diamonds. You can figure out how much they are worth only after the TikTok gift points are turned into diamonds.


Diamonds are the only virtual thing on TikTok that can be converted in to real money. Gift points are turned into diamonds. 

Each diamond is worth $0.05, and the user can then take that money out of the site.


Now i hope you know the complete and exact difference coins, gift points and diamonds on TikTok. If you liked my explanation then keep visiting Go Digital Mag for more interesting content.

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