Flash Vs Reverse-Flash: Who’s More Powerful

During the Golden Age, DC made the Flash, which is the fastest character ever. In college, Jay Garrick did an experiment with hard water that gave him the ability to run very fast. Garrick would leave a mark that would last for a long time.

Barry Allen took over as the Flash and became a famous figure. Every good hero needs a great bad guy, and the Reverse-Flash was the best bad guy for Barry Allen’s Flash. Eobard Thawne was a person from the future who went back in time and hated Barry. Thawne haunted Barry’s life by using his ability to move very quickly. Both of them died in the end, and Barry’s sidekick Wally West took their place. However, they both came back in a DC Universe where their skills were much clearer. Reverse-Flash is the most dangerous enemy of the Flash, which makes you wonder who is stronger. Both of them have done amazing things, so they could both be seen as the most powerful.

Powers of Reverse-Flash

Reverse-Flash’s skills, which were always the same as Barry Allen’s superspeed abilities, but stronger and more destructive, suddenly changed. For one thing, his body was often surrounded by red and black lightning, which, if it touched another speedster, could kill them instantly. This gave Reverse-Flash the ability to kill a lot of speedsters when he came back, but he would use it less and less as time went on.

But the Negative Speed Force gave Reverse-Flash a skill that lets him go back in time. Speedsters are known for being able to travel through time and space, but most time travellers can’t actually change history in a way that lasts. The Reverse Flash is different. 

The Backwards Flash soon found out that he could bend time to his will after he was brought back to life. It wasn’t like he was changing history; whatever he did to time was just added to the timeline. He started by killing everyone he hated from his old life. Reverse-Flash started to do the same thing to Barry Allen’s past, which led to Barry’s mother being killed and his father being blamed. 

Reverse-Flash’s newer powers, especially the ones that let him go back in time, show how strong he can be.

Powers of Flash

Barry has always been the best of the Flashes, but Reverse-Flash is just as good as he is. There’s no way to tell who was faster, but both of them can move faster than light, vibrate through matter, and do other simple speedster tricks.

Which Flash Is The Most Powerful?

So, the best way to figure out who is stronger between Reverse-Flash and Wally West is to look at what they have done best. Change time is by far Reverse-Flash’s best power. He rewrote the story of his life by going back in time and killing anyone who had even the smallest chance of making him angry. He then went back in time and used the same power to ruin Barry Allen’s childhood. 

This show of petty behavior took more strength than any other runner had ever shown. It’s the kind of thing that only gods could do, and Reverse-Flash can now join the ranks of Lex Luthor, the Joker, and the worst enemies of all time.

Wally West has done a lot of great things, like outrunning the Black Flash and the Black Racer and taking Inertia’s power to move away, but his best thing happened in his first fight with Zoom. When Hunter Zolomon tried to use the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time, he gave himself the ability to control how time moves around him. This made him go too fast to believe. 

Wally couldn’t keep up with Zoom because he couldn’t bend time as quickly as Zoom did. But Wally was able to dig deep and finally get the power to use the Speed Force to move faster than Zoom. This has nothing to do with speed. Wally was so good at using the Speed Force that he used it to move faster than time itself, which is pretty much impossible.


Reverse Flash is not as strong as Wally West. Wally has moved faster than time by using the Speed Force. It’s so fast that you can’t even call it speed; it’s way faster than speed. Wally West is safe because the Speed Force looks out for him after his timeline got messed up. Wally is the only person who can move faster than time and space because the Speed Force lets him. Because of how he uses the Speed Force, it’s likely that Reverse-Flash couldn’t even change Wally West’s past. Wally is the Flash with the most power, even more so than the Reverse-Flash.

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