Goodbye ‘Password123’: Google rolls out new Passkeys feature

Google is leading the charge to get rid of passwords and replace them with passkeys, a safer and easier way to get into your accounts. This new authentication technology, which was released before World Password Day, is going to change how you sign in to Google services.

On World Password Day, Google said that the end of passwords is just around the corner. Google says that they have started rolling out passkeys, which will make signing in to apps and websites the easiest and best way to do so.

Google is working toward a “passwordless future” with this project.

Well, the good news is that you might not have to make and remember passwords that you often forget. (No one could deny the fact that setting up a new password on Google again is time taking and irritating).

No longer do you have to remember your first school, the name of your first pet, or the answers to questions that you barely remember. Or, if you’ve been using “password123” as a password, it’s time to stop.

So, what does Google’s “passwordless” future look like?

Google rolls out new Passkeys feature

Google, FIDO Alliance, Apple, and Microsoft all said last year that they would start to accept passkeys on their platforms as easier and safer alternatives to passwords.

You can sign in to your Google accounts in the same ways you already can, like with 2-Step Verifications, and now with passkeys.

What are Passkeys?? And How do Passkeys work?

Google says that passkeys will replace the annoying and hard-to-remember passwords, which can also put users in danger if they get into the wrong hands. The tech giant says that “passkeys are both easier to use and safer than passwords.” This means that users no longer have to remember their pets’ names, their birthdays, or the infamous “password123.”Google has been working with Apple, Microsoft, and the FIDO Alliance to make passkeys, which are easier and safer than passwords. Several services, like Docusign, Kayak, PayPal, Shopify, and Yahoo! Japan, have already put in place passkey experiences to make it easier for their users to sign in.

Google passkeys can also be used with both Chrome and Android. But you should know that big companies like Docusign, Kayak, PayPal, Shopify, and Yahoo! Japan already use a similar sign-in tool.

Users who have a Google account can start signing in without a password as of today, May 4, 2023.

But how do you choose to sign in without a password?

Google rolls out new Passkeys feature

If you want to use Google passkeys, you can set them up by going to

If you have a Google Workspace account or are in charge of one, you will soon be able to let your end users sign in with passkeys.

Still, Google says that good things take time to roll out, just like any new start, which is why passwords and 2SV are still working for Google accounts.

Google said that on the next World Password Day, you might not even need to use your password, let alone remember it.

On World Password Day, we hope that your internet life is safe and secure.

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