How Might You Add Keystone Species to the Concept Map?

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Today we will talk about what is keyston species and how to add them to the concept map. 

Keystone species are important to any environment because they help keep the structure and function of the ecosystem in good shape. Keep reading further to know more.

What is Keystone Species

Keystone species are animals that, compared to how many of them there are, have a big effect on their surroundings.

These species are important to keeping their surroundings looking good and being useful. Whether or not they are there can have a big impact on the health and complexity of an ecosystem.

How Might You Add Keystone Species to the Concept Map?

As you can see below you will get 4 options to choose and select the one correct answer.

  1. Keystone species make all the other groups in a community compete more.
  2. The most common species in a community are the keystone species.
  3. Keystone species influence the diversity of communities.
  4. In cooperation, keystone species always live with other species.

Based on the choices, the right answer is C. Keystone species have an effect on the diversity of communities.

Answer of How Might You Add Keystone Species to the Concept Map

To add keystone species to a concept map, you would have to show how they affect the variety of groups. Keystone species are species that have a big effect on their environment compared to how many of them there are. They are very important for keeping communities together and making sure they work well.

So, looking at choice D, it acknowledges that keystone species have a direct effect on the diversity of communities. They often play important parts in the ecosystem, like controlling the number of other species or making and changing their homes. Their presence or absence can have a big effect on the general number and variety of species in a community.

And that’s why the right answer here is C. 


Keystone species play an important role in the complex web of ecosystems. Their different jobs are important for keeping ecological groups healthy, stable, and full of different kinds of life. 

Paine came up with the idea of keystone species, which changed the way we think about how complex ecosystems work and continue to shape ecological study and conservation efforts.

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