How Tall is Mario: The Complete Super Mario Encyclopedia

Mario was one of the seven Star Children when he was born. Mario was born in New Donk City, and he and his brother Luigi grew up there. In the end, he decided to live in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is a plumber, but he doesn’t know much about the job. He has to save Princess Peach from Bowser, who is his worst enemy. Mario is smarter than Bowser almost all of the time. Bowser’s weapons and the area around them helped Mario win the fight.

Mario is the well-known video game character, is still around. Mario was made by Shigeru Miyamoto, who was a Japanese game designer. In many Super Mario Games, Mario’s height is different from one game to the next. It makes you wonder, “How tall is Mario?”

Shigeru made Mario while working on Donkey Kong (1981) and putting it out in 1981. This was done to make a game for Nintendo that has a lot of fans (a Japanese videogame manufacturer). The Mario sequels have shown that adding new ideas to games can make them more fun.

Mario always has the same hairstyle, moustache, and other fixed traits. His only change is in his height. Reddit says that Mario is 5’1″ tall, which is 155cm. But Mario’s merchandise says that he is shorter than 5 feet. The height of Mario can change from one platform to the next.

Do you still not know how tall Mario is? There are different heights and a lot of platforms. This article will tell you about Mario and give you some interesting information. Keep on scrolling!

How Tall is Mario

Mario’s height in all games

Super Mario Bros: 1.5 cm

Super Mario Bros: 3 1.875 cm

2 cm: New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario 64: 3.3 cm

Super Mario Galaxy: 2 cm

1.75 cm (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

1.5 cm Super Mario 3D Land

1.25 cm Super Mario 3D World

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Mario

How Tall is Mario

Each Mario series gets people’s attention and makes them want to play it. Then they try to find something special about Mario that makes them want to follow him. The sentence was long. Fans of Mario! I’m here to tell you ten things.

  1. When Mario first showed up on Donkey Kong’s game platform in 1981, he was a player character.
  2. Miyamoto wanted the main character in his games to be Popeye. But he couldn’t get the rights to licence it. Instead, he made Mario.
  3. Charles Martinet has been Mario’s voice actor since 1992. Mario’s Games Gallery was the first step. Then Super Mario 64 came along.
  4. When Donkey Kong came out in the US, Mario was also known as Jumpman.
  5. Mario was the first character from a video game to get a statue at the Wax Museum in Hollywood.
  6. Many famous musicians, like Eminem, Ludacris, and Nas, used Mario as a reference.
  7. In the 2022 versions of Mario’s movie, Chris Pratt will do the voice work.
  8. Saturday Supercade was the first time Mario appeared in something other than a video game (anime TV Series).
  9. In the video game Super Mario Bros., Chris Pratt plays the part of Mario.
  10. The Guinness Book of Records says that Super Mario Bros is the most well-known video game series.


Fans of Mario, I think this ride, where we talked about Mario from head to toe, may have been the most interesting thing to you. Maybe you want to know, “How tall is Mario?” etc. There are ways to solve these problems. Now it’s your turn to tell Mario in the comments what matters most to you.

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