How To Convert TikTok Gifts Into Cash? Step-By-Step Guide

Hello my internet family, Today i am going to share a step by step guide to convert your TikTok gifts in to real cash/money.

Before going further if you dont know what are TikTok gifts? Then just click on the given link to know.

Now that we know how to use the site to get TikTok gifts, we need to know how to turn them into cash.

When you get a TikTok gift through the other users, it is going to be turned into TikTok diamonds. Then, you can use PayPal or another safe payment way to trade the diamonds for real money.

Simple right? You got gifts then they turn in to diamonds. Now you have to convert them in to cash.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Convert TikTok Gifts into Cash

Step 1: Sign in to your TikTok app and tap the “Profile icon” at the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2: Now, tap the “3-line icon” at the top right of your screen and go to “Settings.”

Step 3: Next, go to “Balance” and tap “Live Gifts”

Step 4: Choose how many gems you want to cash out, and you’re done!

What is the value of each virtual diamond?

Well, each TikTok diamond is worth 5 cents or i can say its a $0.05. So now the math is simple a collection of 100 diamonds is worth $5.

But wait. Here is something that you should know before buying cons. The thing is that TikTok takes a 50% cut of these earnings. So, after TikTok’s fee of $2.5 is taken out, you might be able to make $2.5 for every thousand diamonds.


If you want to earn from TikTok then TikTok gifts are a good option. But make sure that you know TikTok takes half cut from your earning of gifts. Hope you liked our article and if you did then keep visiting Go Digital Mag because we are gonna post more TikTok tips. 

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