What is the New iOS 16 Release Date? And What devices will support the new update?

On September 12, Apple will release a new iPhone operating system called iOS 16 and a few new phones. This will give iPhone users a new screen lock and some new features in iMessages.

iOS 16 has made its debut, first as a beta for developers. Now as a beta for the general public. Be sure to read our iOS 16 public beta hands-on to discover our initial impressions of all the new iPhone features.

You couldn’t have picked a better time than this fall to get your dream phone. Apple has told customers to come to its fall iPhone event. Apple always stays true to its traditions. With the new information announced at WWDC, the release date has been set for spring.

Apple has officially verified that the lock screen features in iOS 16 work with the A16 Bionic chip. It powers the iPhone 14 Pro models to power a new always-on display feature, marking the first time an iPhone will support this.

What devices will iOS 16 support?

Apple’s two most recent software updates have been compatible with the same devices. And with compatibility reaching back to the iPhone 6s, which debuted in the fall of 2015. Apple is discontinuing support for some older phones due to the quantity of iOS 15 features that require more advanced hardware.

Apple claims that iOS 16 will be available for iPhone 8 and later models. Previous speculations shows that iOS support would be cut down for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and original iPhone SE from 2016 with this version. However, we can remove the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from the list of compatible iOS 16 devices.

If iOS 16 marks the end of Apple’s support for these devices, the owners of these devices will not be significantly inconvenienced. The original iPhone SE was there six years ago. And, iPhone 6s models will turn seven this fall; the iPhone 7 is also approaching its sixth birthday. Given the advancements in computing power since then, it is safe to infer that several iOS 16 features are beyond the capabilities of these devices.

What is the Exact iOS 16 Release date?

Both the iOS 16 developer beta and iOS 16 public beta are out. With enhancements expected from Apple all throughout summer. We have a guide on how to download iOS 16 beta. You can also learn why we recently switched to iOS 16 beta exclusively.

Today (12 September), iPhone customers will have the opportunity to make this transition. Apple claims it will release iOS 16 on that day, however not all advertised features will be available. (The Live Activities widget will be available later this year, when third-party app developers update their software.)

If there is anything else you wish to know about iOS 16, please reveal your favourite hidden iOS 16 features, as well as whether your iPhone is compatible with the new iOS 16 and the procedure for altering and remembering messages.

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