Jenny Popach Leaked Controversy- Explained

Hello internet people, today we are going to talk about Jenny Popach leaked controversy. I am not gonna pass any judgment, but I will put the overall scene in front of you to decide what do you think about this matter.

Roselie Arritola is also known as Jenny Popach. She was a popular teen TikToker. Currently she is no longer on the TikTok because she posted a video of her brother “unwrapping” her set to Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me”.  

What is in that jenny popach leaked video?

In that video Popach who is 15 years old, is wearing wrapping paper. And same time her brother pulls on the paper that reveals Popach’s swimsuit

What happened after jenny popach video went viral?.

Popach’s unwrapping video and the rest of her account were removed after a wave of controversy and accusations of child abuse. It’s not clear if the account was deleted by TikTok or if she did it herself. 

TikTok didn’t reply right away when asked for a comment.

Important things to know about jenny popach

Popach had almost 6 million followers. She was also known as Depophatesyou and That Girl Maria. Seventeen said last summer that Popach and her mom, Maria Ulacia, got into the content hub Hype House and then started their own house, the Blok LA.

Even though Popach’s account is now closed, her duets and stitches are still available. 

“How could a mother let a 15-year-old girl post this with her brother?” the TikToker wrote in the comment on top of the video.

There was one TikTok user who said that many of Popach’s videos violate TikTok’s adult nudity and sexual activity rules.

What is TikTok sexually exploitative content community guideline?

TikTok’s community guidelines say that “sexually exploitative content” is not allowed. The platform describes “sexually exploitative content” as “any abuse of a position of power or trust for sexual purposes, such as making money, socially, sexually, or politically.”

What happened after the incident?

The parents of Popach have been criticized on the site for months. If you look for “Jenny Popach” on TikTok, you’ll find videos that raise questions about the teen’s safety. Like the #FreeBritney movement, TikTokers have watched Popach’s videos to see if there are any signs that she is in danger or if she is trying to get help.

What was the reaction of other TikTok users?

There are movies about Popach with the hashtag #JusticeforJenny, which has been seen more than 525,000 times. One post says that her mother is “making her post weird videos.” Another user, @justiceformaria, says that in a video that has since been removed, Ulacia “pushed” her daughter and touched Popach’s breasts.

One person said about @mimismusings’ video, “Her mom is definitely taking advantage of her.” “Everything on her channel is so upsetting.”

In the end:

We should remember that there is no proof that Ulacia was directing Popach’s content to look sexually suggestive. This is just a popular theory roaming across social media.

If she had done wrong then she is wron but we cant jump to any conclusion without proof.

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