Saruei Fansly Leak Controversy- Explained

Hello and good day to all of you. Today we are going to talk about the Saruei Fansly leak controversy. We will keep this information short and informative. So let’s jump to the topic.

Who is Saruei Fansly?

Saruei Fansly is an artist who draws characters like we see in games. Her characters are not normal they look extremely creative and hot in nature.

She is sharing her content on the Twitch platform.

Why did Saruei Fansly get banned on Twitch?

Since Twitch banned the French hentai artist Saruei in September for livestreaming “suggestive sexual content,” she has been more careful with her shows and has censored more of her art so as not to break the site’s rules.

What was the Saruei Fansly reaction on sevral ban on Twitch?

On Thursday, Saruei tweeted:

She said I can’t believe i got banned again, it just came out of nowhere …

After getting my first ban, I’ve been censoring my art even more on my all the work and I tried my best to make it look more family friendly. Why?

She posted the email she got from Twitch, which said she had shared “sexually suggestive content or activities.” If you try to get around this rule, the suspension could last longer and any appeal you make could be turned down.

Saruei Fansly Twitch Metrics

Saruei has about 30,000 followers on Twitch and, according to Twitch Metrics, owns the fourth most watched art channel on the site.

What happened when Twitch banned Saruei for the first time?

When she was punished for the first time, she said that her drawing was just fan art that used the same clothes that video game characters wore in Twitch streams. She didn’t understand why her drawings were marked as suggestive, especially since she had been streaming that kind of material for the past year.

She said that after her first sentence, she had dreams that she would be banned for life. Now, her worry has grown.

“You have to understand that it is basically my job that I might be losing now,” she said.

She wondered if she was in trouble because in two of her pictures, “you could see the slight shape of a camel toe.” She also got an email from the Twitch team at the time saying that the drawings of the angle focus on the butt in particular.

She is even more confused this time. She shared a picture of Bradamante from the Fate/Grand Order role-playing mobile game with them, in which the character is wearing the same clothes as in the game. Saruei has hidden “everything that looked like the shape of a cameltoe.”

Saruei Fansly explanation on youtube video

In this YouTube video she posted on Thursday, Saruei says that Twitch doesn’t have a problem with people who paint their bodies during a live stream or who stream themselves doing “the same kinda suggestive poses” in ” with the same level of clothing as her art.


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