What Alternative Search Engines Outside of Google to Pay Attention To?

Whenever there is a talk about search engines, Google is the first one that comes into mind. Further if we talk about search engines outside of google, there is a good chance that Bing or Yahoo comes into the picture. If we recall the old times Yahoo was one that was much more powerful search engine than it is in the recent times. It is slowly fading out from the list.

SEO’s mostly focus on google. But, we could be missing out on other opportunities as well to gain more traffic by ignoring alternatives to google.


search engines outside of google
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Bing is currently lagging behind Google with just 7% of the U.S search market. It offers mostly the same functions as google.
But there are more advance functions that are not in spotlight. It has features like machine-learning predictions for things like sports scores & elections
Its image search is more advanced then google with object detection with its functions. When we talk about image search, Bing is the leading one.
They also credit rewards through Bing rewards feature to their users for just browsing on their platform.


search engines outside of google
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This search engine has only 1.5% in the U.S search market but over the time it has gained popularity.
It is considered best for private browsing. It does not collect any data of the searches or of your personal information. Due to which it has had a surge in popularity recently. It is having a ‘Bang’ search feature by simply clicking. It will take you to your chosen site or other platforms like Wikipedia, amazon, eBay, etc. by clearly mentioning the data collection policies of others and not theirs.


search engines outside of google
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Yahoo is another alternative search engine that ranks third in terms of market share, trailing only Google and Bing. It is founded in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang, was one of the most popular search engines in the 1990s and early 2000s. Yahoo is still the third-largest search engine in the United States. Yahoo’s search results resemble those of Bing (which is not surprising given that Bing powers them), but they are not as visually appealing.

Initially, try to understand how the search engine works because you need to know how the algorithm works because no one is the straight alternative to google. Optimize properly for better results and more organic traffic for websites.

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