Snapchat’s Ai Chatbot Scares Snapchat Users by Posting Mysterious Stories and Videos by Its Own

My AI is a Snapchat chatbot that started sending a mysterious one-second video of what looks like a wall and a roof on Tuesday night. This was the first time it had ever sent a video message. When people asked the robot about it, it was strangely quiet, which made users freak out a little.

What Is My Ai in Snapchat?

This year, Snapchat’s My AI chatbot was made available to everyone. It is meant to answer users’ messages like a friend.

People can talk to “My AI” as if it were a real person because it is a robot built into the Snapchat app. It uses the same large language model (LLM) technology as ChatGPT from OpenAI. It makes witty comments and suggests Snapchat features in a way that makes it seem like a business copy of a cool young person hanging out with their online friends.

What Happened When Users Noticed My Ai Posting Their Stories Off Its Own?

People who like the app and use it frequently were quick to share their worries on social media. 

People started asking questions like, Why does My AI have a video of their house’s wall and ceiling as their story?” asked one user. “This is really strange and makes me feel uneasy.” After the tool didn’t answer his texts, another user wrote, “Even a robot doesn’t have time for me.”

One user said on Twitter that the posted Story “scared me, so I deleted the app,” while others worried that the AI feature had changed or become intelligent.

What Did Snapchat Say About My Ai Posting Their Stories Off Its Own Glitch?


On Wednesday, the company told news channels that there was a problem. “My AI had a short-term problem that has been fixed. This is what their representative said.


Now the problem is fixed and no need to worry at all. So keep calm and visit Go Digital Mag for such trendy news. Bubuyee for now.

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