Top 6 External Camera Screen For Best Shoot In 2022

An external camera screen, also known as an external on-camera monitor, is indeed a must-have add-on device for sharpening your filmmaking skills and giving your shooting a more creative & professional appearance. An external monitor is a valuable accessory if you are a vlogger or content creator who has to video themselves on a regular basis.

There are numerous benefits, including improved screen resolution and visualisation. An external camera screen allows you to observe the live preview with better colour calibration and precision. Everything is in excellent focus thanks to the external camera.

If your camera produces a good HDMI signal, the best external monitors will even allow you to record directly to a built-in SSD or memory card. It will improve and increase the image quality of mirrorless and DSLR cameras. External camera screens can help to simplify and improve your filmmaking experience, so let’s take a look at the greatest models this year and pick out one of your best :

1. Atomos Ninja V

External Camera Screen

The Atomos Ninja V external monitor and recorder is an industry-leading model that provides the finest bit rate and depth from your camera, ensuring the highest image quality, as well as recording in ProRes Raw format.

The monitor can be used to record 4K videos at a variety of frame rates, and it can display over 10 stops of dynamic range.

Touch Screen 5-Inches

1000 nit brightness

1920×1080 resolution 60p

12.7 ounces weight

5.94 x 1.22 x 3.6 inches dimension

HDR Daylight Viewable

2. Feelworld FW568

External Camera Screen

The Feelworld FW568 field monitor offers many of the core attributes of high-end field monitors at a much cheaper price point, permitting amateur videographers to step up their skills when shooting video without spending a lot of money.


2200 Nit Brightness

16:10 Aspect Ratio

Resolution of 1920×1200

4K HDMI input and loop output

3.5mm headphone jack

3. Atomos Shinobi

External Camera Screen

This external cam screen is a less affordable choice to the Atomos Ninja V. The screen recording capabilities may not be on par with the Ninja V, but it maintains high production standards.

It even includes a new tool not found on the Ninja V, the Analysis feature, which allows you to see what you’re shooting while viewing the waveform, histogram, and vectorscope without covering up the image.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

5.2” Screen 

1000 Nits brightness

HDMI (1.4) 4Kp30 input and loop output

1920×1080 Resolution

4. Liliput A7s

External Camera Screen

If you do not want to capture your footage, the Lilliput A7s is the most affordable seven-inch on-camera monitor here on market. Instead of a touchscreen, it has buttons and a scroll wheel.

Don’t be fooled by the Liliput A7S’s low price – as far as entry-level external camera monitors go, this is excellent value, with enough features and tools to provide a flexible operating experience when shooting video with DSLRs.

7” Screen Size

1920 X 1200 Resolution

500 Nits Brightness

4K HDMI 1.4 input and loop output

3.5mm headphone jack

16:10 Aspect Ratio

5. Blackmagic Design Video Assist:

External Camera Screen

Blackmagic Design is a well-known brand of semi-professional and consumer video cameras. They have the best cameras available. The external screen supports a variety of video formats and allows professionals to record in Ultra HD using dual high-speed recorders.

The camera screen is so rich in features like the large screen, customization tools, and multi-format support that it ranks as one of the best cameras for monitors.

5” Screen Size

1920 x 1080 Resolution

Touch Screen with 2500 Nits brightness

USB-C (3.1 Generation 1)

16:9 Aspect ratio

UHS-II SD card slot

6. Small HD Indie:

External Camera Screen

The SmallHD Indie monitor is aimed at more experienced videographers, combining a slew of internal imaging aid tools with a sharp full HD IPS LCD touch screen and an outstanding workflow.

It is a next-generation screen that is ideal for professionals; they must pay a high price, but the quality of the external screen is worth considering.

1800 Nits Brightness with Touch Screen

1920 x 1200 Resolution

7” Screen Size

USB 2.0, ethernet, SD card slot

16:10 Aspect Ratio

3G-SDI input and output

Final Words:

Finally, we believe that you will require an external screen to get a clear picture of what you are recording. Even if your camera has an in-built screen for viewing the recording, it will be small and may not be useful to you, and you will be unable to control the quality of the recordings.

An external camera screen can significantly improve your videography workflow. That means shooting outside will be a breeze, even in direct sunlight!

We hope our list of external camera screens inspires you to take your photography to the next level!

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