Top Benefits Of Upcycling Your Phone For Different Uses

Technology is already surrounding us by the supercomputers lying in our pockets and always eager to upgrade with the trend whether it is Android or iOS.
With the upgrade cycle, we can save a few bucks in exchange for old, but sometimes we end up getting an extra phone around or upcycling your phone.

Don’t let that phone collect dust because it can be very handy in your household with some cool tricks you can do:-

Security camera:-

Top Benefits Of Upcycling Your Phone For Different Uses

If you are spending too much on security cameras then just use your old smartphones because they worked brilliantly. It’s very easy to set up, you just need to download any popular camera app. Just place it where you want to and watch all the action live on your other phones or computer.

1Universal remote control:-


In your smart home, you can control almost anything. With your old smartphone whether it is running on Android or iOS. An android phone with an infrared blaster can connect to your TVs, air conditioner, and other smart devices which operate through remote controls. You just need to download the best remote apps which are easy to use.

A webcam:-


Turn your old smartphone into a webcam for your desktop or computer. If you don’t have a webcam please download suitable software and turn it into a perfect cam for your videos and live streams.

Piggy Bank:-


If your phone is broken, you can turn it into a wallet. Just removing all the parts from inside depending on the phone you have, is a great way to reuse your old phones into the coolest wallets.

There are other creative ways like making it your music player, gaming phone, alarm clock, or even recycling. But going out is not a good option just, recycle it:-

The benefits of recycling OB cycling are huge. Because all the waste materials are sent to landfills. So, recycling the phone would result in a reduction of air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, that occur during the manufacturing of the materials.

Just Know some good reasons why you need to recycle:-

  • Cell phones contain his areas materials likely and mercury that IT field in the land can contaminate the soil air and groundwater as well.
    In the US, about only 10% of cell phones are recycled. And, if one phone is recycled, it can save enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours.
    Also, we can power almost 24,000 homes every year by recycling around 130 million phones.
  • Cell phones contain mostly metals, plastic, and batteries that we can reuse. To make new products like electronics, jewellery products, plastic packaging, and other batteries.

So just finding a new use for them is better than throwing them in the bin. Find a new use if you can’t find a new phone.

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