What Does ATP Mean on TikTok?

ATP is a popular word that people use a lot on TikTok. This phrase can mean more than one thing on the social media site. But today we are here to find out what does ATP mean on TikTok. And we will also see some of its examples to make it more clear.

What Does ATP Mean on TikTok?

ATP means “At This Point” on TikTok. You can use ATP at the beginning or end of a sentence to mean “right now” or “at this point in time.” 

You can also use it in other ways and that we will see in the below examples.

Examples of Using ATP Slang in TikTok Conversations

Person A: Have you seen my keys? I dont see them ATP; it’s so frustrating!
Person B: You should get a key holder.

Person A: I’m so tired of these late meetings ATP. 

Person B: I totally get it. They’ve become a routine.

Person A: ATP, I’ve given up on trying to understand my girlfriend.
Person B: It is challenging for everyone. You are not the only one!

Person A: I’m convinced my neighbor has no concept of noise control ATP.
Person B: It’s time to have a humble talk with them.

Person A: ATP, I think I need a vacation from my vacation.
Person B: Traveling can be exhausting, take a rest day.

Person A: I’m running late again ATP.
Person B: It’s a common occurrence, consider setting alarms.

Person A: ATP, I’ve binge-watched three seasons of that show.
Person B: You must be hooked! It happens to the best of us.

Person A: I’ve studied for hours, and I still don’t get it ATP.
Person B: Dont worry, you’ll learn the concept very soon.

Person A: I keep forgetting to buy groceries, ATP.
Person B: Create a shopping list, it might help you remember.

Person A: I’ve rescheduled our meeting five times ATP.
Person B: Dont you think its time to find suitable time for everyone.

Final World

I hope now meaning of ATP on TikTok is clear to you with above examples. If you want to know meaning of some more cool slangs then check our our below listed topics.

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