What does DKM mean on Snapchat?

People use DKM a lot on a lot of different social media apps, like Snapchat. But what does DKM mean? When do you use it? Read this article to learn everything.

What does DKM mean on Snapchat?

DKM means “Don’t Kill Me” on Snapchat. People don’t take this term literally; they use it in a fun, lighthearted way. It means that something is funny or makes you laugh, like saying “you’re killing me with laughter.”

People use this slang everyday in friendly conversations and you can use it to

For example: If a friend shares a really funny story, joke, or meme, you could just say “DKM!”

Examples Of Using DKM on Snapchat Conversation 

Person A: I accidentally ate the last piece of cake in the fridge, DKM!
Person B: Haha, it’s alright. I’ll make another one.

Person A: I forgot your birthday, DKM!
Person B: Dont worry bro, I’m not that upset about it.

Person A: I told your crush about your secret talent, DKM!
Person B: Oh no! What did they say?

Person A: I screwed up in the presentation in front of boss, DKM!
Person B: Don’t worry, we all have our off days.

Person A: I lost your phone charger, DKM!
Person B: It’s fine. I’ll get another one.

Person A: I borrowed your car and returned it with an empty tank, DKM!
Person B: Next time, fill it up, please!

Person A: By mistake knocked over your plant, DKM!

Person B: Oh well, it needed some pruning anyway.

Person A: I dropped my coffee on your laptop, DKM!
Person B: That’s a ok if it is working.

Person A: Sorry sis I mistakenly revealed your surprise party plan, DKM!
Person B: You couldn’t keep a secret, huh?

Person A: I mixed up your order at the restaurant, DKM!
Person B: No prob, I’ll eat whatever you ordered.

Final Words

That being said, there is one last thing that this term isn’t just used on Snapchat. You may also see it on TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps.

Use DKM in your style and dont forget to chekout our list of other social media slangs listed below.

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