What Does ESB Mean on Snapchat?

Hello everyone happy to see you again. Today we will see what does ESB mean in Snapchat and in general. So keep scrolling to unlock ESB definition and uses with examples.

What Does ESB Mean?

You can use ESB in many ways. Some of its meaning includes Enterprise Service Bus, Emergency Service Bureau, Everyone Snap Back, The Empire Strikes Back.

We will discuss them below.

What Does ESB Mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat ESB stands for “Everyone Snap Back.” Snapchat users use it  Snapchat to request a reply or response to a snap. 

Example: Somebody might post a question snap with the caption “ESB with your answer,” which means they want everyone who sees the snap to react with their answer.

Examples of Using ESB on Day-to-Day Snapchat Conversation

Person A: “Hey, I have Just posted a sick sunset snap on my story. ESB!”
Person B: “No doubt, that’s a beautiful shot. Snap back, everyone!”

Person A: “ESB quickly to my crazy weekend snaps!”
Person B: “Your weekend looked wild! ESB for sure.”

Person A: “Sick to stuck in traffic, so come on ESB to keep me entertained.”
Person B: “I’ll send you some funny snaps to kill time.”

Person A: “Binge-watching this new series. ESB if you’ve seen it!”
Person B: “I watched it all in one go! ESB for spoilers.”

Person A: “Just tried a new recipe and it’s bomb. ESB for the recipe!”
Person B: “Share it, please! ESB for that deliciousness.”

Person A: “ESB to join the virtual dance-off I’m hosting tonight.”
Person B: “I’m in!, count me in.”

Person A: “I am going to this cool concert, ESB and vibe with me.”
Person B: “Wish I was there! Send me some live snaps.”

Person A: “ESB with your favorite memes for a good laugh!”
Person B: “I’ve got a collection of some freking ones. Enjoy!”

Person A: “Just adopted a new pup. ESB to meet my furry friend!”
Person B: “OMG, that’s adorable! Can’t wait to see the snaps.”

Person A: “Feeling artsy today. ESB to see my creative snaps.”
Person B: “I love your artistic side. Can’t wait to check it out!”


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