What Does Pushing P Mean on Tiktok, Instagram & Everywhere?

Hello my google family, are you also searching what does pushing P mean? if yes then you’ve reached where you need to be. Because today we’re going to talk about what “Pushing P” means on different social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, etc. 

After doing a lot of study on the Internet, I learned a lot about the term “Pushing P” which I will talk about in this article. Let’s just jump right in.

What does Pushing P Mean?

Pushing P means push the player. People use this slang on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. People often use the word “peace” to mean “player.” P means to push, and it can also be used to describe this kind of behavior or a nice thing. For example, someone who is honest with himself and his friends, has good help, and is wealthy is said to be chasing P.

Are you sure? The rapper Gunna’s song Pushing P from the year 2022 made the term more well-known. The song’s words focus a lot on the first one. So it’s a well-known slang term among us.

When did the term “Pushing P” become famous?

The term “Pushin P” became popular on social media after Gunna and Future put out a song with the same name in January 2022. Here is what the singers have to say about the term.

In January 2022, Atlanta-based rapper “Gunna” and fellow singers “Future” and “Young Thug” put out a song called “Pushin’ P.”

The song quickly went viral and became a hot trend on TikTok. The words to the song were shared all over the internet in Tweets and Instagram stories.

Rapper Gunna explained what does Pushing P mean?

Rapper Gunna Tweet on What Does Pushing P Mean
Credit: Rapper Gunna Tweeter

Gunna said on an episode of the Breakfast Club that the word “P” stands for “player.” He then explained what Pushin P means on Twitter.

‘Pushing P’ is short for ‘keep it real,’ and is usually a good thing.

He wrote that being Loyal is definitely a “P”.

He said that Jumping into someone’s fight or situation when you don’t know what’s going on, is not pushing p mean.

Other Meanings of Pushing P

On social media, the word is sometimes also shown as a P button emoji.

After the song Pushing P came out in early 2022, this slang term became very famous on social media.

Gunna is the topic of this word. Most of the time, the word “slang” is used in a good way. During its first wave of fame, the term became widely known and was used by famous people on social media.

Urban Dictionary says that this word or slang means to put pressure on someone to make their life better. For instance, if you sometimes spend your money on things you wanted, that shows you are a pushy person.

Of course, everything is about making sure you have a good life, and Leo 2 is pushing you to do that. It also means working hard to be successful and reach goals.

Example of Pushing P Sentences 

  1. If you try your hardest to learn English, you are pushing yourself.
  1. It’s not to waste your time by watching random movies on the internet for hours on end.
  1. If you love yourself, you’re pushing yourself to grow.

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The most important thing about Pushing P Phrase is that this could be different for each person. You can use how you want to use it. Just one thing is that your sentence should be positive and reflects growth, respect and development.

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