What is Lego piece 26047? All you Need to Know About

Item Info

Years Released: 2016 – 2022

Weight: 0.3g

Stud Dim.: 1.5 x 1 in studs

Pack. Dim.: 1.43 x 0.78 x 0.49 cm

What exactly is Lego piece 26047? What is it, and why are people warning one another not to check it up? This has been driving fans of The Among Us insane online.

Hold on, we did the Google searching so you don’t have to.

Each LEGO component has a special identification number that both helps packers identify which piece belongs in which set and helps enthusiasts track down missing pieces. Here is everything you need to know about LEGO piece 26047, which has been driving fans of Among Us insane.

What Exactly is Lego Piece 26047?

Simply put, this particular Lego item is…a Lego piece. In 356 sets, 14 minifigs, 13 pieces, and even one gear that was a pencil pot, it can be found.

It is a modified, rounded 1 x 1 plate with a bar handle. Lego produced this particular piece in 2016.

Why is a LEGO piece making headlines online?

In March 2021, social media platforms and online forums began to take off. Do NOT google LEGO Piece 26047, players of Among Us started telling their followers.

Everywhere there is a fandom online, LEGO Piece 26047 has been converted into a meme. Within the LEGO community, this has led to some issues.

Unfortunately, it can be moderately annoying for people who are not a part of the Among Us realm to witness these memes take over our newsfeeds and streams. On these message forums, a lot of LEGO aficionados have posted inquiries in an effort to learn more about the meme.

Reaching out via social media has left many people only receiving muddled statements, and other people have even received responses that are only as useful as “a mongoose.” “sus” is the most widely used response. Sus, which stands for suspect, refers to the role the piece plays in the game.

What does Lego piece 26047 Symbolise to Gamers of The Among Us?

So, this is just a Lego brick to the majority of people. Even though it was shaped very oddly, the object was nonetheless reasonably usual.

However, if you play Among Us, you’ll view this block very differently. even a little touch of dread, perhaps.

This is so because Lego piece 26047 resembles an Impostor quite a little. For those who don’t know, one of the game’s two randomly allocated positions is an Impostor. Their only objective? kill the most of the Crewmates in order to win the game.

Lego and Among Us don’t have Anything in Common. Why is a Minor Component Causing Problems?

LEGO piece 20647 has now become a meme as a result of the connection between what would otherwise just be an ordinary LEGO brick and a video game. Players’ main objective on social media is to warn others about searching for information on LEGO piece 26047. This causes online despondency, which is followed by advice to others to feel the same way, creating a vicious cycle of Lego/Among Us misunderstanding.

However, its significance for Among Us players and admirers has a few diverse connotations. When playing Among Us, players are randomly assigned to one of two roles. The Impostor looks remarkably similar to LEGO component 20647, which is unfortunate for players.

What does LEGO piece 26047 Actually do?

Lego piece 26047

11 plate with a rounded edge and a bar handle is LEGO piece 26047. One of LEGO’s newest parts, it was produced in 2016.

Piece 26047, 14 tiny figurines, 13 parts, and 1 gear have all been added to 356 sets.

What Sets are 26047 Lego Piece Available in?

The item, which is sold separately on auction websites like Ebay, may be found in recently released sets like 952105 Doctor and Patient and 31118 Surfer Beach House. Other sets include 21321 International Space Station and 21320 Dinosaur Fossils.

Is there a Variety of Colours Available?

In addition to the meme culture that has developed, LEGO piece 26047 comes in a range of colours. They are flesh, dark turquoise, sand green, white, green, black, dark blue, light bluish grey, reddish brown, and pearl gold.

What is the 26047 Lego Piece Meme?

Players of Among Us have recently developed a fondness for various plastic bricks. The best manufacturer of different plastic construction toys is The Lego Group. It has spread like wildfire due to the gamers’ advice to avoid searching for “Lego Piece 26047” on Google. The meme explains that despite being a game, it nevertheless manages to survive in meme land.

People are looking for the meme (Lego Piece 26047) online, and they end up looking at the assortment of plastic toys and bricks produced by the Lego Company.

Why Is Lego Piece 26047 Creating Problems?

Cheers to the association between the common Lego brick and the video game “Among Us”; LEGO piece 20647 is now a well-known meme. Lego Piece 26047 causes online angst, which is followed by requests for others to act similarly, creating a vicious cycle of misunderstanding about Lego and Among Us. The Impostor appears uncomfortably similar to LEGO piece 20647, which is inappropriate for gamers.

26047, a tiny LEGO piece, is the source of several issues. The Impostor’s (LEGO piece 20647) main duty is to assassinate as many Crewmates as he can. Stopping the imposter from killing you is the primary goal of this game (Among Us). Players are assigned the position of the Deceiver, and their task is to find as many Crewmates as they can.

What is the Game Among Us?

2018 saw the creation and release of the well-known online multiplayer social killing game (Among Us) by American game developer Innersloth. It features cartoon passion and takes place in space with little creatures wearing space suits (known as Crewmates). The video game “Among Us” randomly chooses which players will be “Impostors,” who try to kill the other players and take over the ship. Every stage’s number of cheaters is decided by the host, who also starts the game.

How Do I Play the LEGO Game Among Us?

  • The game (Among Us) is typically a game of existence in which you must either vote for every cheater and complete every task or the cheater must kill every crewmate or stop them from completing the tasks in order to win.
  • In order to ensure that nobody is out of place, an imposter must murder the teammates. Other players can also be voted for by position.
  • Remember that if you have a large group of players, you can also select different cheats or imposters.
  • When on duty, not a single member may speak until no one has been identified. When someone kills, the crew will have a chance to vote to get rid of the cheater.
  • A cheater is typically a shape-shifting alien who pretends to be everyone else while trying to undermine the task.
  • At one moment, you can establish groups with up to four and 10 members.
  • According to The LEGO Company, the new game will feature the newest servers, in addition to other support, a new level, a second account system, and other features.
  • However, if you’re a new member, you should spot the cheater, get rid of them, and complete assignments all over the map.
  • The commonly used kill and subversion buttons can also be used by cheaters. It is crucial to keep in mind that cheaters or members who are immediately murdered can still regenerate.
  • In most cases, cheaters rejuvenate their fallen teammates and turn them into new cheaters. After killing another member, they will use their regeneration ability to transform into an Impostor.
  • By repairing mines that make cheaters lose their Lego piece 26047 and stop them from using regeneration, a teammate might attempt to stop this limitless army.

Final Conclusion:

Lego piece 26047 appears to be a “Cheater,” one of the game’s two arbitrarily assigned functions (Among Us). The gamers warn everyone not to look up the Lego component on Google before becoming depressed after seeing a photo of a fake. People currently publish or transmit social media posts (Lego piece 26047) with a warning to access or use Google Lego Piece 26047. But when consumers encounter Lego piece 26047 on Twitter or Google, they aren’t very intrigued or stimulated.

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