Who is PinkyDoll and why she threatens to sue over leak OnlyFans Content

Hello guys this article is all about PinkyDoll. Who is PinkyDoll? What does she do? Why she is so famous? and what’s the reason of her anger nowadays?
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Who is PinkyDoll?

Fedha Sinon is a well-known tiktok promoter. She is also known as PinkyDoll. Pinky Doll, who made the song “Ice Cream So Good,” which went viral, has taken to social media to talk about how angry she is that her personal photos are all over Google. 

As an NPC streamer, Pinky Doll has become a big deal in the digital world. 

Why does PinkyDoll express Outrage Over Leak of OnlyFans Content?

PinkyDoll on White Shirt

PinkyDoll is shocked that her OnlyFans pictures, which can be found for free on Google Images, have been shared without her permission.

PinkyDoll was shocked to find out that her private information had been leaked and was now available on the internet.

Since the video was posted online, it has spread like wildfire, with almost three million people watching it.

In the clip, PinkyDoll says that she looked up “PinkyDoll n*ked” on Google, clicked on pictures, and found a bunch of websites with her leaked OnlyFans material.

She yelled at the websites and promised to sue them if they didn’t take down her posts.

She is right in every way. No one should act in this way. They have to get rid of what she wrote.

What does NPC Stands for ?

Streamer for NPC. NPC stands for “non-player character.” A “non-player character” is a character in a video game that has already been coded and usually can’t be changed by the person controlling the game. 

What’s the NPC streaming ?

Cosplay is a hobby in which fans dress up as their favorite characters from books, TV shows, and movies. NPC streaming is like an extension of cosplay. People often watch TV or movies and then think about how they could dress or act like a character from that show or movie.

What is PinkyDoll famous for?

Fedha Sinon, who goes by the name PinkyDoll, is known for the NPC movies she posts on tiktok.

Is PinkyDoll Married?

No she is not.


PinkyDoll is good content creator and we should encourage all the people in the world who works hard to entertain us. Hope you all will love this article and if you do then keep visiting Go Digital mag because we bring such articles on daily basis.

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