Why Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat? Complete Guide

You like Genshin impact a lot, too, right? Everyone can have fun with this game, of course. Eula is my favourite person in the game. So we will talk a lot about her today. The most common thing people know about Eula is that she can’t stay away from monster meat. It gives her energy and strength. She can move quickly and do a lot of damage at once when she attacks.

All about Eula from Genshin Impact

Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat
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Genshin Impact’s characters are so unique and each carries their own personality. The descendant from the tyrannical Lawrence clan, Eula, is no different. She finds herself in between people’s hate towards her and her clan’s hatred towards the people of Mondstadt. However, Eula chooses to use her hatred to fuel her goals and improve herself.

Eula is a captain in the Knight of Favonius, and her clan considers her a traitor for joining them. However, people close to her like Amber and Sara support her actions and even find her personality humorous. When using Eula, players should build her to deal burst damage

Why Can’t Eula Say No to Monster Meat?

Well, everyone knows that Eula loves to meet monsters of all kinds. It seems to give her a lot of energy and help her do a lot of damage in the game. She wants to eat monsters so much that she can’t stop herself. Did you know that “The Carnivore” is the name of a sweet because of how much she likes monster meat?

This might not be good for all players. But she doesn’t care about anything. She thinks that the poison is what makes the monster meat taste better and be more juicy. Eula says that meat that has been roasted until it is tender tastes the best.

How Eula likes her monster meat

There are different kinds of Monster in the game. What kind of meat and monster you use affects how it tastes. Here are the four types of monsters that are most often seen.

  • Giant snake
  • Giganotosaurus 
  • Dragon

What is the best place to get monster meat?

To get the best monster meat, you should know where to hunt. You can also search YouTube for some really helpful videos. Most monsters live in the hunting grounds, and that’s where they all roam. You can get raw meat from a lot of different places. Here are some of the best ways to find raw meat. Visit My Architecture’s Idea again and again to find out what’s going on.

  • From Vendo
  • Chest 
  • From enemy drops

Is Eula allowed to play a role in Genshin?

Eula is a pretty easy character to control in the game. She doesn’t need a five-star weapon to do a lot of damage, so it doesn’t cost her anything.

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