A Rare Blue Moon Super Moon Will Happen in August 2023

This week, the Blue Moon of August 2023 will rise. But this blue moon is little more special.  Because this month skywatchers will also get to see another super moon with blue moon.

In August 2023, there will be a Blue Moon. It will be the largest and brightest moon of the year.

This year, we can see both a supermoon and a blue moon at the same time.

When will blue moon will rise and where to find it?

On the night of Wednesday, August 30, the Blue Moon will rise. After sunset, look to the east to find it.

When is the best time to see the supermoon?

To get even more specific, the Perth Observatory says the full moon will happen at 9:35am AWST (11:35am AEST, 10:35am ACST), when the sun will already be up. 

What is special in this moon rising?

NASA says that it is both a full moon and a Blue Moon, which means that it is the third full moon in a season with four full moons. 

What is a supermoon?

It’s when the Moon is closest to Earth and there’s a full moon at the same time. 

How far does the moon have to be from the earth for a blue moon to happen?

When the Moon is 363,396 km away from Earth

How much bigger does a supermoon look?

A supermoon looks 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a micromoon.

Will Blue Moon look blue?


How often do blue moons happen?

NASA says that they happen every two and a half years.

Is blue moon a supermoon?

Yes, the August 31st, 2023, blue moon is a supermoon.


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