230 Controversial Hot Takes Game Questions for Spicy Conversations 2023

If you want to start a heated discussion, then hot takes are a great way to do it. Here we have the best questions and examples for you to use. Make your conversion more spicy with these Controversial hot takes.

We have a lot of examples of hot takes that you can use in many different ways. They will definitely start some interesting discussions that will keep you all busy for hours.

If you want to have some tough arguments, use one or two of these controversial hot takes from our list.

What is a hot take?

A hot take is a comment that makes people feel like they have to say something about it. 

It’s usually a controversial view that has no right or wrong answer based on facts. This means you can argue about who is “right” for a long time. 

When they’re well-thought-out, hot takes can be a great way to start conversations and make connections.

Basically, a “hot take” is a point of view that is meant to start an argument.

What’s so fun about hot takes: 

  1. They can be talked about.
  2. They often talk about things that a lot of people can understand.
  3. It’s fun to talk about them.
  4. They are interesting topics to talk about.

Travel Hot Takes

  1. American car trips get too much attention.
  2. Florida is the most overdone place to visit in the United States.
  3. At least once in their lives, everyone should journey alone.
  4. The whole trip is ruined by making a plan.
  5. Hotel rooms are not as good as hostels.
  6. People are wrong about how “grand” the great Canyon is.
  7. The Great Pyramids aren’t as amazing as they look in pictures.
  8. Hotels are not as good of a place to stay as hostels.
  9. You should only take pictures of yourself when you are on vacation.
  10. Everyone should take at least one boat trip.
  11. Paris is not as interesting as Budapest.
  12. South America is a region that doesn’t get enough attention.
  13. Everyone should have seeing the world on their list of things to do.
  14. It’s more fun to travel with friends.
  15. Slow travel is better than rushing through a few places in a short amount of time.
  16. Paris is not the most beautiful city in the world.
  17. No one likes going to the beach, though.
  18. Before you go somewhere, you should learn the language.
  19. Train travel is the best way to get from one place to another.
  20. All of the food in New York is bad.
  21. It’s overrated to camp out under the stars.
  22. A car trip in Europe is better than one in the U.S.
  23. Travel is not fun.
  24. The land in California is kind of ugly.

Brand Hot Takes

  1. Teslas are cool, but most people don’t need them.
  2. For the price, Nike shoes wear out too fast.
  3. Wendy’s is the best at being on social media.
  4. Dairy Queen is just like Sonic but sold at Walmart.
  5. The best place to get fast food is Taco Bell.
  6. Uber’s services are better than Lyft’s.
  7. Toyota makes cars that are the worst.
  8. The coffee at Starbucks tastes just like water.
  9. Over time, Google’s goods have become bigger and harder to use.
  10. Apple Music beats Spotify by a long shot.
  11. The only reason to sign up for Netflix is for the material that isn’t made by Netflix.
  12. The best sports name is Nike.
  13. Gucci’s styles have become strange and no longer look good.
  14. We don’t like In-N-Out. The end.
  15. Good material on Netflix has been getting worse for years.
  16. Apple is not as good as Samsung.
  17. When Coca-Cola is cooked, it tastes better.
  18. The best social networking site was MySpace. I hope it comes back.
  19. Spotify is not as good as Apple Music.
  20. Apple phones aren’t as good as Android phones, and Big Apple just wants to take over.
  21. Burger King’s fries are not even close to as good as McDonald’s.
  22. When you flatten a McDonald’s hamburger into a disk, it tastes so much better.
  23. Shein is terrible to their employees and hurts the earth.
  24. Teslas are just toasters that can drive.
  25. The best video service is Amazon Prime Video.
  26. Apple goods cost too much and get too much attention.

Fashion hot takes

Fashion hot takes
  1. Clothes that are too big don’t look as good as clothes that fit well.
  2. You should change the color of your hair at least once in your life.
  3. Neon is the best color to use every day. Don’t let me decide.
  4. Louis Vuitton and other brands like it sell what people think rich people buy and wear instead of what they actually do.
  5. You should never go out in public in your pajamas.
  6. It’s not a fashion crime to wear jeans on jeans.
  7. We should wear top hats again.
  8. Styles are all the same now.
  9. The best fast-fashion brand is H&M.
  10. Tattoos no longer mean anything; they’re just cliché ways to decorate your body now.
  11. Wolf cuts are boring and overdone.
  12. The way people dress has changed because of bro culture.
  13. Men don’t look good in skinny jeans.
  14. Crocs are important, and everyone should have at least one pair.
  15. Everyone looks like they have stick legs when they wear skinny jeans.
  16. You can wear jeans on top of jeans.
  17. Tight jeans Why would you want to squeeze your genitalia? Baggy pants are more comfortable.
  18. Men don’t look good in skinny jeans.
  19. Always in style are short shorts.
  20. Crocs are an essential piece of clothing.
  21. Fast fashion should never, ever be worn.
  22. People who wear hoodies with turtlenecks should be put in jail.
  23. The fuss about designer wallets is so not worth it.
  24. I miss the first time around’s bootleg pants.
  25. The whole trend of wearing clothes that are too big doesn’t look good.
  26. Spending money on a designer backpack is a waste of money because a $20 one works just as well.
  27. Crocs have a bad name, but they are very soft shoes.
  28. False eyelashes make women look tacky.
  29. Mullets are great ways to style your hair.
  30. It’s not a fashion crime to wear denim on denim.
  31. Everyone should at least once try having brightly colored hair.
  32. No one looks good with a nose ring.
  33. The best tops are crop tops.
  34. Crocs are very trendy, and everyone should have a pair.
  35. The mullet is a good haircut, though.
  36. Shirt collars with turtlenecks are a fashion crime.

Sport Hot Takes

Sport Hot Takes
  1. The best sport is soccer.
  2. People in Europe care more about sports than people in the U.S.
  3. Baseball is the least interesting sport.
  4. It would be better if the NBA season was shorter.
  5. At his best, LeBron James was better than Michael Jordan.
  6. Tom Brady was not as good of a quarterback as Peyton Manning.
  7. No one would watch golf without Tiger Woods.
  8. People only like games in which they do well.
  9. Track and field is the only part of the Olympics that is interesting.
  10. Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic, not Roger Federer, is the greatest tennis player of all time.
  11. Tom Brady was not as good of a quarterback as Peyton Manning.
  12. The best goalie would have been Andre the Giant.
  13. Replays in slow motion should not be a part of games.
  14. Players in football should be required to play both attack and defense.
  15. Gritty doesn’t make a good character.
  16. Alex Ovechkin is the best hockey player who has ever lived.
  17. Michael Jordan is not as good as people say he is.

Animal Hot Takes

Animal Hot Takes
  1. The best goalie would have been Andre the Giant.
  2. People in Europe care more about sports than people in the U.S.
  3. At his best, LeBron James was better than Michael Jordan.
  4. Michael Jordan is not as good as people say he is.
  5. The best sport is soccer.
  6. Gritty doesn’t make a good character.
  7. Track and field is the only part of the Olympics that is interesting.
  8. People only like games in which they do well.
  9. Tom Brady was not as good of a quarterback as Peyton Manning.
  10. No one would watch golf without Tiger Woods.
  11. Baseball is the least interesting sport.
  12. Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic, not Roger Federer, is the greatest tennis player of all time.
  13. Tom Brady was not as good of a quarterback as Peyton Manning.
  14. Replays in slow motion should not be a part of games.
  15. Players in football should be required to play both attack and defense.
  16. It would be better if the NBA season was shorter. Alex Ovechkin is the best hockey player who has ever lived.
  17. Pandas get too much attention. They are lazy and don’t seem to care much about having babies to save their own species.
  18. Koalas are stupid and boring because they sleep most of the time.
  19. Snakes make great pets, but people fear them for no good reason.
  20. Rats make great pets, but they have a bad name that isn’t fair.
  21. Dolphins are jerks because they pick on other animals and torture their prey for fun.
  22. Horses are overrated because they cost a lot to keep up and don’t do that much.
  23. Elephants are too big. Just by being there, they do too much damage.
  24. Mosquitoes should die out because they don’t help the environment in any way.
  25. People still keep parrots as pets even though they are loud and can cause damage.
  26. Chimpanzees are smarter than gorillas, despite the fact that gorillas are often seen as heroes.
  27. Dogs get a lot more love and care than they should.

Food Hot Takes Game

  1. Nutella is just hazelnut paste with sugar added.
  2. Most foods don’t need much more cheese.
  3. No one likes avocados all that much.
  4. I’d always choose hot dogs over burgers.
  5. Avocados don’t taste good, and it’s strange that they are so famous.
  6. Even plain water has a taste.
  7. Pizza is so good with corn on it.
  8. Sushi is too popular. Raw fish shouldn’t be thought of as a special treat.
  9. Glitter doesn’t belong on drinks.
  10. Coffee is not as good as tea.
  11. Bacon is gross and not as good as people say it is.
  12. Mint ice cream tastes the best.
  13. Durian has a bad smell and bad taste.
  14. The Oreo cookie is much better than the filling.
  15. Sushi is not that good.
  16. Every food should have cheese in it.
  17. American pizza is better than Italian pizza.
  18. Bacon is the food that gets the most praise. It is nothing but salty fat.
  19. Spaghetti is a bad shape for a piece of pasta.
  20. Pop tarts get too much praise.
  21. The best pizza is deep dish pizza.
  22. The first pizza ever made was a Margherita.
  23. Waffle fries are better than French fries.
  24. Celery is trash, and if you like it, you should feel bad about yourself.
  25. The best thing to put on pizza is pineapple.
  26. Ravioli is just soup made from wet pop-tarts.
  27. Kale is not healthy and can’t even be eaten.
  28. You should use a fork and a knife to eat pizza.
  29. Salty potato chips are better than any other kind of chip.
  30. In a way, a hot dog is a type of taco.
  31. Cheese has no taste and adds nothing to the dish.
  32. Chocolate ice cream is not as good as vanilla ice cream.
  33. The Keto plan is the best one.
  34. The best fruit is a banana.
  35. Duck, not turkey, should be eaten at Thanksgiving.
  36. Everything is better with tuna.
  37. There is no place for pineapple on pizza.
  38. Sweet potato fries don’t live up to their hype.
  39. Donuts get too much praise.

Entertainment Hot Takes Game

Entertainment Hot Takes Game
  1. Social media has hurt creativity and art a lot because it makes people want to share shallow material.
  2. The best music is made by people from Britain.
  3. The Beatles will always be the biggest band.
  4. The Beatles are way more popular than they deserve to be, and their music sounds old now.
  5. Games of Thrones got too much attention.
  6. There’s no reason to listen to podcasts.
  7. Breaking Bad is not as good as Game of Thrones.
  8. Star Wars isn’t as good as Star Trek.
  9. Breaking Bad is the best TV show that has ever been made.
  10. Most podcasts are not worth listening to.
  11. Beyonce is way too popular for her music to be any good.
  12. The music of Beyonce is overdone.
  13. The best actor of all time is Leonardo Di Caprio.
  14. Most of the time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe pictures are more about style than story.
  15. People say that Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actress, but he’s not as great as they say.
  16. The Marvel flicks aren’t very creative.
  17. Most cartoons in Anime aren’t very good.
  18. The best video game ever is still World of Warcraft.
  19. The best worker right now is Harry Styles.
  20. The best video game systems are made by Nintendo.
  21. Overwatch is better than World of Warcraft.
  22. Friends was never that funny; people just talk about it too much because they miss it.
  23. No one really cares about the Oscars.
  24. The Academy Awards are dull.
  25. The Marvel world has been boring since the first Avengers movie.
  26. The Kardashian show is fun to watch, and they should make more seasons of it.
  27. The three books in the Lord of the Rings series were way too long.
  28. Nicki Minaj is the most popular rap artist.

Politics Hot Takes

  1. The president is not just one person; instead, he or she is a mirror of the country as a whole.
  2. People often exaggerate the power of the president, but it’s really the structures that shape how policy works.
  3. The focus on presidents’ personalities takes away from how important it is to understand their policies and choices.
  4. The two-party system makes it hard for people to be truly represented and stops people from coming up with new ideas.
  5. Moderates are very important for finding common ground and filling the gap between extreme ideas.
  6. Ideology tests within parties can slow down progress and keep people on opposite sides of an issue.
  7. Even if they seem extreme, systemic problems need big, bold policy changes to be fixed.
  8. In a polarized political environment, it is often easier and more effective to make small changes.
  9. Politicians must learn how to dance carefully between short-term answers and long-term goals.

Video Game Hot Takes

  1. Most of the time, independent games are more creative and make you think than big names.
  2. The popularity of battle royale games may make it harder for other creative game types to come up with new ideas.
  3. Story-driven games give players a unique chance to deal with complicated feelings and moral issues.
  4. Video games can be a strong tool for social change by making people more empathetic and making them more aware of problems in the real world.
  5. Focusing too much on violent video games as a cause of violence in real life takes attention away from more important things.
  6. Esports are a legitimate way to compete for fun and should be taken as seriously as regular sports.
  7. Games that give players the chance to fail can be more rewarding and important.
  8. Microtransactions and loot boxes can take away from the game and make money off of players.
  9. Realistic games can be less fun to play and harder to get into for a small group of people.
  10. Toxic behavior in gaming groups shows that there are bigger problems in society and that more moderation is needed.
  11. Sometimes, the desire to play old games can overshadow the chance to play something new and different.
  12. Cosplay and fan art show how deeply players get attached to the characters and worlds of their favorite games.

Social Media Hot Takes

  1. Likes and followers can give you a shallow sense of self-worth and approval that has nothing to do with real relationships.
  2. The constant need for approval on social media can make people feel anxious and give them a false sense of their own worth.
  3. People often act like they are someone they are not on social media. Instead of being themselves, they show what they want others to see.
  4. Influencers on social media can make it hard to tell the difference between real suggestions and paid content, which hurts user trust.
  5. People are more interested in content that is real and honest than content that is slick and staged.
  6. When people try to go viral, they often put important connections and making useful content on the back burner.
  7. On social media sites, engagement and sensational material are often more important than thoughtful conversation.
  8. Algorithmic feeds can make echo chambers that make people more likely to agree with what they already believe and less likely to learn about other points of view.
  9. The constant scrolling and endless content consumption on social media can make it hard to get things done and concentrate in real life.
  10. Social media can amplify the outrage culture and make people more likely to have knee-jerk responses instead of thoughtful conversations.
  11. The “cancel culture” on social media can lead to people being shamed in public and not being able to forget.
  12. The comparison trap on social media can be bad for mental health because it makes people feel bad about themselves and jealous.

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Hot Takes FAQ

Why do people like “hot takes”?

Hot takes get people interested and involved because they start talks and get strong responses. They make you think and talk about things in a new way and give you a different way to look at things you already know.

How do I write a hot take that is interesting?

To write an engaging hot take, write about something you care about and say what you think in a short way. Focus on showing a new way of looking at the issue, backing up your point of view with relevant arguments or examples, and answering any possible counterarguments.

Are “hot takes” always a source of debate?

Some hot takes need to be controversial, but not all of them do. A “hot take” is just a strong point of view, which can sometimes fit with popular ideas or challenge ideas that don’t get much attention.

What’s the difference between an uninformed opinion and a hot take?

A well-informed opinion is one that is based on research, facts, and a deep knowledge of the topic. On the other hand, a hot take might be based more on emotion, personal situations, or unusual points of view. Even though they can overlap, they are not the same because of the amount of research and analysis.

How can I talk about hot topics in a respectful way?

Participate in heated debates by actively listening to others, respecting different points of view, and staying away from personal attacks. Pay attention to what is being said and back up what you think with good reasons.

Can hot takes hurt people?

Hot takes can sometimes spread false information, add to drama, or start fights that don’t need to happen. It’s important to think about how your words might affect others and make sure that your hot take leads to good conversation.

How do I deal with people who don’t agree with my hot take?

You should expect that not everyone will agree with your hot take, and that there could be pushback. Approach criticism with an open mind, address concerns that are true, and use the chance to improve your point of view.


Hot takes liven up conversations and push us to think critically and engage with different themes in a deep way. By knowing what they are, how they work, and what could go wrong, you can take part in talks that add to online discourse in a positive way. Remember that writing a good hot take is about finding a balance between being bold about your point of view and being open to other points of view.

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