5 Best Action Camera Flashlight In 2022

With the introduction of smartphones and high-definition cameras, recording films and photographing every part of our lives has become quite popular. High-quality photographs and videos are encouraged on social media. That is why everyone is racing to capture nature’s beauty. Sharing them with the general public has become a fundamental component of modern existence, making it even more common. As a result, possessing an action camera flashlight is now required. Everyone, whether they are tourists or adventurers, will most likely require an action camera flashlight.

A variety of trustworthy firms provide the most economical camera flashlights. As a result, you can pick the finest action camera flashlight to meet each person’s needs and budget. It is thus advisable to invest some time in determining the finest action flashlight camera for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 action camera flashlights, as well as tips on how to pick the best one. But, before we get started, let’s define what a camera flashlight is.

What is an Action Camera Flashlight?

An action camera flashlight is nothing more than a strong LED light that can be used with an action camera. It is frequently mounted to an action camera or used as a stand-alone gadget light.

We are also aware that action cameras differ from DSLRs and small cameras. They perform less effectively in low-light and distant settings. Furthermore, they are small and function poorly in low light. What will you do if you want to photograph or film anything at night?

Of course, an action camera flashlight will suffice. When fitted to an action camera, cameras that cannot catch night images owing to low light are flawlessly captured with the flashlight. Similarly, using a flashlight makes it much simpler to capture distant objects or situations, as well as underwater photography or filming.

Lets see what are the Best 5 action camera flashlights:

1. Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light

It is one of the best action camera flashes for 2022. You can see how easy it is to use this action camera flashlight because of its plug-and-play architecture. The Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light has four modes: red, white, blue, and SOS.

This one has 60 LED lights and provides approximately 5 hours of illumination in high mode. The low lighting option provides approximately 14 hours of brightness, while the mid-lighting level provides approximately 6.5 hours.

The Suptig 60 has a number of illumination settings, each of which addresses a specific lighting requirement. This is one of the most powerful light sources we’ve discussed so far. The light is significantly larger than that of a GoPro. It is compatible with DSLRs, mirrorless camera systems, smartphones, and various GoPro Hero cameras.

This is waterproof to a depth of approximately 164 feet (50 meters). You can easily transport the clear, brilliant film to the depths of deep diving. The light is powered by a lithium battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, which can be charged via the included connector.

2. GoPro Light Mod

The GoPro Light Mod is another fantastic action camera flashlight for underwater usage, with a maximum depth of 20 metres (33ft).

It includes five distinct light modes, including a strobe for signalling and visibility if you need assistance when using your GoPro action camera in low-light conditions.

The four brightness settings allow you to modify the beam strength by adjusting the lumens. For the most dazzling lighting, the settings are 20 lumens, 60 lumens, 125 lumens, and 200 lumens.

The battery life varies depending on the level: at the lowest level, it can last up to 6 hours, then 2 hours, one hour, and 30 seconds in overdrive, and finally 3 hours, one hour, and 30 seconds in ultra mode (200 lumens).

The built-in battery may be charged using a USB Type C connector. The light’s colour temperature without the diffuser is 5700k, and it has a CRI of 90.

As an action camera flashlight, it may be attached to a GoPro Hero8 Black or used via Media Mod with a Hero 10 Black, Hero 9 Black, or Hero 8 Black.

3. ULANZI LED Video Light

This action camera flashlight is ideal for taking low-light video or photographs.

The 5500K colour temperature of this amazing action camera flashlight captures the brilliance of natural sunlight. Because of its functionality, it is the ideal action camera flashlight for video and close-up photos. It also works with a variety of DSLR camera systems, including Canon and Sony DSLRs.

The inbuilt lithium power cell has a total power capacity of 2000 mAh. This is a bit smaller than the Suptig video light we discussed earlier. The total charging duration is two hours. The light will stay on at full brightness for two hours. At the lowest brightness, the battery will last for five hours.

Because it can be mounted on a tripod or a lightstand using a 1/4-inch screw, this flashlight can also be used as a standalone flashlight.

4. GoPro Zues Mini

This is a multipurpose, weatherproof, hands-free LED clip light that is great for securely snapping away while hiking or participating in other leisure activities.

You may also adjust the angle of your lighting with the help of a powerful 360° swivel. It is durable and has a waterproof depth of 10 metres.

The illumination time of the light varies depending on the brightness level. The inbuilt lithium battery has a maximum lifespan of 6 hours.

The brightness output of the GoPro Zeus tiny light ranges from 20 to 200. There are four brightness settings. You can adjust the brightness of the light.

When the overdrive option is turned on, there is a flash of very bright light that can last up to 30 seconds. The light has a strobe mode that can be used for signalling.

For precise lighting, a 360-degree swivel lets you change the angle quickly and easily. The Grip Clip lets you light up any activity or sport without having to use your hands. It can be attached to a hat, a helmet, a back strap, or other things. The flashlight has a sticky back and can be stuck to many different things.


The VILTROX VL-162T is a strong, small, and easy-to-use camera flashlight. With 162 bright LEDs, the VL-162T has the right colour temperature, a long bulb life, and low energy use.

You can change the brightness and colour temperature of this flashlight to fit your needs. It can give off both a soft glow and a strong light effect. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and the white light filter can be taken off.

The VILTROX VL-162T can be powered by either a battery or an AC adapter. You can adjust the angle of the light to meet your needs. It can be mounted, taken with you, and is easy to use. It can get as bright as 1070LM/1250Lux (1m).

In terms of compatibility, DSLR cameras can be used with the VILTROX VL-162T. The 162 high-end LED bulbs can get as bright as 1070 Lux (1250 Lux) (1m). The VL-162T has a range of colour temperatures from 3300K to 5600K. It also has an adjustment for brightness that goes from 20% to 100%. It has four colour filters that can be used to make artistic colour effects. The CR1 95+ has better colour resolution and makes it easier to grade pictures.

It can be used with either the AC adapter that came with it or one that you buy separately. After a full charge, it can be used for up to 3 hours, depending on how bright it is. It has an LCD built in camera screen , which makes it easier to work.

Final Words:

When you’re looking for a flashlight to use with your action camera to take pictures, the first thing you should look for is how well it can handle rough conditions. The best flashlight shouldn’t be hard to carry. Regardless of the weather. They must still be resistant to shock and have tempered glass so that they don’t break. The ones that work best give customers hours of bright light. This list has the best flashlights for action videos.

All of the best flashlights on the market, which are described above, won’t let you down. However, the Suptig Video Light stands out as the best of these. It has the brightest light and four different lighting settings for different kinds of photos. Also, the battery life is really good. So, if you want the best product possible, go with the Suptig LED Flashlight.

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